Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is more desired than great wealth, and loving favor is better than silver or gold."

Proudly Serving Hood, Erath, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant and Johnson Counties. 

Private investigations for attorneys, individuals and businesses 

Grindstone Investigations is a private investigation business built on decades of experience and dedicated professionalism. With over 35 years of experience conducting investigations, employment background screenings, personal security, law enforcement and business management, Grindstone provides you with an efficient and thorough service providing information to make informed decisions.


With over 35 years of experience, we can help you reveal facts and discover truths.


Pre-employment screening



For property owners, landlords, or property managers, who wish to rent or lease their facilities, tenant backgrounds are completed easily and legally for necessary insight into potential renters.

From small Mom and Pop businesses to Government agencies, verifying information on a job application is important. If an employee is to handle finances, is part of management or public service, delving deeper into one’s background is necessary. A thorough background can save you from future grief.

Just won a civil judgment in court and the defendant has failed to pay? Grindstone can locate property, bank accounts, and/or insurance policies that can be liened or levied for you to recover your loss.

Grindstone has the resources to locate those people who would rather not be located. Attorneys may find this useful to serve subpoenas and other important documents or testimony.

With over 35 years of experience, we can help you reveal facts and discover truths.

About Grindstone Investigations

John Avila is the owner of Grindstone and is proficient in financial asset location and civil case award recovery, internal theft investigation, wrongful/accidental death cases, as well as locating missing/witness persons, and more. He has a background as a police officer, professional bodyguard, and security safety planning. He also possesses a Business Administration and Human Resources degree that lends to his expertise in employment screenings and workplace violence prevention and response. 

John put his degree to particular use for several years conducting background investigations for the Federal Government on individuals needing secret to top secret security clearances in addition to police and fire employment backgrounds. Every job experience has further excelled John’s aptitude in his field, giving him even more ability to back up his private investigations with first-rate knowledge.

Not only is John more than qualified for any area of private investigations, but the commitment and care he places on every case is the difference in Grindstone Investigations compared to other agencies. He has a reputation for wise judgment, professionalism, and solid work ethics that bring you the results you seek in a timely manner. For a job done right, Grindstone Investigations has you covered.

"John has tremendous work ethics."

He is a very pleasant person and very reliable. Have had great results with working with him. I very highly recommend John for any tasks or positions needed.


I know John and his family, 
 He has been a dedicated policeman in the field for many years. I am confident that this dedication to service and his background as a police officer will prove his expertise in the field of background investigations. I would not hesitate to call on his company if you need this service for your company.


"He is a man who can be trusted."

You can contact John and know your information will be held confidential. Also, know that John is working for you in the highest capacity on your behalf.

- Katherine

"John is a professional beyond reproach."

John is a very valuable asset to anybody that needs his assistance as a Private Investigator. Having worked with John over several years, he is dedicated and doesn't give up on any job until completed. 

- Keith

"John is a very valuable asset."

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